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Demogoroth Satanum Join Cattle Decapitation Show

Demogoroth Satanum join Cattle Decapitation show

Looks like we going to party with the Soweto crew in Newtown, Welcome Demogoroth Satanum to the line up, They will join Insidious Reign and Bleeding Spawn already on the…

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Thy Art Is Murder Tickets Going Fast

Thy Art Is Murder Tickets going fast

Everyone knows by now that legendary Australian  DEATHCORE band Thy Art Is Murder​ is playing at Newtown Music Factory​ on the 4th November 2017 in johannesburg South Africa. What you…

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Facebook Event Winners

Facebook Event winners

As part of our on going social media celebrations, we have some more winners today for both the Thy Art Is Murder show and the Cattle Decapitation show. Thank you…

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Community FREE Ticket Winners

Community FREE Ticket winners

Our first round of Social media competitions has yielded 10 winners. Thank you everyone for the phenomenal support and participation. Over 200 entries in 24 hours. :: WINNERS :: Congratulations…

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