5 FREE Kataklysm JHB Show Tickets

Kataklysm SA Tour 2014So you want a free ticket to KATAKLYSM in Johannesburg ? Check how easy we have made it for you. All you have to do is tell us why you deserve a ticket. So sign up get your friends to sign up and let us know WHO WANTS A TICKET. If you have already got a ticket, get your friends to sign up and post, then you can add your voice to their case.We have 5 tickets for the JHB show to give away. Cape Town fans there is a separate Blog for you to post on. This is the JHB Show ONLY Blog.

Please post on the BLOG not the Facebook etc, it only counts if you post on this ACTUAL blog post right here on www.witchdoctorproductions.com.  Winners announced Monday 16th June 2014 : )

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