Formed in 1999 with idea of delivering the highest quality live events in South Africa.


BEHEMOTH 2014 – Adam Nergal Darski: We are abso-fuckin-lutely BLOWN AWAY by our South African experience! This yet unexplored market turned out to be immensely passionate and dedicated to the black craft! What a surprise! Much respect and gratitude goes to Witchdoctor Productions for making an effort and making us feel so comfortable there… yes, we can officially say this: we found ourselves a new haven, a new home!

SOULFLY 2004 – Gloria Cavalera: Soulfly and I had a kick ass home while in South Africa thanks to the organization and care from Witchdoctor Productions !! We anxiously wait to return to our South African Tribe and bring da shit !!

KONKHRA 2004 – Anders Lundemark: “We had the best of times in South Africa, much gratitude to Witchdoctor Productions and the wonderful people who turned up at the shows! See you all again soon!”


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