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At The Gates & The Haunted for Witchfest 2016

Witchdoctor Production would like to inform you of the following. The At The Gates shows in MAY have been moved due to some conflicts in schedules. In order to make good on the shows, AT THE GATES have been confirmed for WITCHFEST 2016. To make this even better they will not be coming alone. We can now also confirm that THE HAUNTED will be at WITCHFEST 2016.

IF you bought a ticket for AT THE GATES through Computicket, please speak to them for a refund. Ticket bought through Witchdoctor Productions can be refunded or the money can be moved towards a ticket for WITCHFEST 2016, please email info@witchdoctorproductions.com

We apologise for the inconvenience and look forward to seeing you at WITCHFEST 2016.

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  1. Completely pissed off that At The Gates CT gig has been cancelled!! Been looking forward to this for months. No satisfactory explanation yet either. What’s the story guys?

    1. Hi there, yes it is unfortunate, we did however secure them for Witchfest along with the Haunted.

      You can get a refund or you can move the funds towards a Witchfest ticket even a eluveitie ticket.

      1. witchdoctor, you have really dropped the ball with this. you can’t just publish a blog update and expect all the people who have purchased tickets to realise that the CPT gig has been canceled. you need to notify the people that have bought tickets properly, either by email or sms. it’s pathetic and unprofessional – sort out your shit.

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