Behemoth + Konkhra SA Tour 2014 Support Submissions

WDP 2014Greetings bands \M/ The process to submit your band for consideration to play as support on the tour are as follows. Submissions Close on the 1st of July. Announcement of who is playing will be made on the 10th July 2014. IN EMAIL to send the following

Band Name:
Band Genre:
Band City:
Band Province:
Band Website:
Band Facebook Page: (NOT a group link or a FAKE profile link)
Manager Name:
Manager Cell:
Manager Email:

You can also send us (Optional):
Band Soundcloud Page:
Band Twitter Page:
Band Youtube Page:
Band Instagram Page:

We will check out your band, your music and your videos.
Also what all your fans have to say.We want bands who work and are serious.

DO NOT send us cds, or anything via post. Save your money. Do not email or FB spam us. Submit your band and get to work.

If you have the following make sure you ADD us, and drop us a message so we know you online.

Best Regards
Witchdoctor Productions

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