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Cape Town – Darkest Hour Date & Venue Change – URGENT !

With a recent incident at The Mercury Live (Click Read More) and the need for an increased capacity, we have had to do the following. Cape Town – Your new venue is THE ASSEMBLY . The date is now the 20/12/2015 (A Sunday, its holidays).
If you read on, we had no choice, apart from cancel or shift the date. We apologize to anyone who cant now make it or who are inconvenienced by the shift. Lets Rock n Roll.

After a regrettable incident at MERCURY LIVE in Cape Town during the Finntroll tour, We can NO longer use, support or even consider it for our FANS and the INTERNATIONAL artists we work with.

If you watch the following video, you can see a FAN (Matt) climb on stage to jump, He is intercepted by Sam the bands stage manager, subsequently handed over to Ian Watson (Golden Circle) out of shot on side stage.


No harm done, no equipment knocked over, did not touch the band and was not even intoxicated. Anyone who has been to any of the 20+ internationals we have dealt with this year will tell you, its pretty common practice. Hell if you been part of the music scene then there is really no surprise to see crowd surfing and stage diving at metal.

What happened next is what makes the whole night extremely unprofessional, and dangerous for any patrons who attend this venue.

Ian Watson (GC) Finntroll Stage Tech (Sam) was trying to get Matt off stage, but he was resisting.I stepped in, picked up Matt and took him backstage.
No real harm done. As I put him down he said, “Hey Ian, what the fuck. It’s me dude.” 
I said, “ You can’t tussle with the bands stage tech dude!”
“Oh” He said.
At that moment, Sean (Mercury engineer) came in a grabbed Matt, which he resisted. Then Mike and Morne pulled in eyes blazing, hell bent on getting him out the venue. I told them “it’s not necessary, just ask him to calm down and not to stage dive.”
I told them it was not necessary to throw him out and that they should speak to Witchdoctor Productions. They then dragged a struggling Matt out the backstage.
It did not feel or look right. I felt like following them but was torn as my focus was stage – I regret that to some degree, but it could possibly have been worse if I was also there when the messed with Matt.
Like I said, they did not look like they wanted to resolve the issue at all.

At this point Adrian “Croaky” hears Matt screaming “They Breaking my arms, Croaky Help me”

Adrian “Croaky” (Witchdoctor Productions Stage Manager) came running in front of these three grown men who were hurting one of our patrons and said “I know this guy what’s going on, let him go and I will sort it out.” at this point Adrian “Croaky” was told by Mike (50% owner of mercury)  “Get out of the way or get fucked up”

At this point Shaughn Pieterse (Owner Witchdoctor Productions) came from back stage where the managers were and pleaded for calm and to resolve this like adults, to which he was told by Mike fuck you fuck off before you get fucked up too.”

In the end all 3 of them threw the kid ,the singer from his band and his girlfriend out, Mike then proceed to insult us and the Fans, the rest of the evening in the street. When Adrian “Croaky” started filming with his cellphone they all quickly ran into the club doorway.

Shaughn – Never do we throw out, hit or abuse someone coming to a concert. There is just no way something like is ever acceptable or should be allowed. Just because you buy a club, you do NOT get the right to get physical, restrain, HIT or assault people.

Who hired you to work our show ?
Who asked you to do crowd control for Witchdoctor ?
Why did the sound guy get involved and leave his post?
What gave you the right to eject a paying customer from our concert ?
If you are Not versed in crowd control, why are you getting involved ?
What are you teaching the next generation of students the club works with ?

I also find that being intoxicated as a venue owner is NOT the way forward at events, your reasoning and negotiation skills are not what they should be in these types of intense situations. Being a NON drinker, it was a shocking display of arrogance, alcohol and testosterone. There was NO benefit to anyone in the music scene or to the international community who now hear of it.
Also having Mike tell us to “cash up leave now” while an international artists were still on stage is not a move you should pull. No promoter can ever trust your venue or the owners and i can say, i will never speak positively of the place while under the current ownership.

If fans cannot be safe from the VENUE then why should they come there !

I will say Morne at least made an attempt to fix the situation, even sending his intoxicated partner home in a cab, I applaud his loyalty, just pity its misplaced.

01/12/2015 – i spoke with Morne again, i told them, we can work past this, but i feel Mike, who was abusive and disrespectful to EVERYONE should please NOT attend the Darkest Hour event. That way for the sake of all the fans, we could all get the show out the way with no issues. Because i cannot FIRE or leave my crew behind for defending the safety of a FAN, and allow someone like him to be there.
Long story short, in principal this was fine with Morne, as Mike was more than likely not going to be there, but because we requested it, the answer was NO, YOUR DATE CANCELLED.


So there you have it. Unfortunately for people like this, we place the safety of our fans at Number One.

Massive thank you to Pierre and the Assembly for opening the venue on a Sunday and helping keep the show alive for Cape Town.


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