Behemoth – This Weekend

Behemoth – This weekend

They have petitioned online, complained on the radio, the internet, in the newspapers and even on the tv. They may even picket the shows on the day. It has NOT stopped the FANS and it has most certainly NOT stopped us. Every single person coming down to the shows, we are truly grateful for your support and for standing in what we believe in, Artistic Freedom.It was never about religion for us, it was always about artistic freedom. This show and many others like it are a victory for that cause.

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Amorphis Confirm SA Tour For September 2016

Amorphis confirm SA tour for September 2016

Witchdoctor Productions is proud to announce that Amorphis will tour South Africa in September 2016. They will play two shows in September 2016. 02nd September in Cape Town at The Assembly and 3rd September at Bassline in Johannesburg. Tickets are onsale now, Early birds are R400 and regular tickets are R480.
Founded 1990 in Helsinki, AMORPHIS have worked their way to the apex of the European metal scene and won international renown. The band’s name, derived from “amorphous” (no determinate form or shape), has been programmatic for the pioneers of Finnish metal over the course of their 20-year career. Setting a diverse, intricate and unique style to their musical approach, often being described as “ahead of their time”, the band accrued a large and loyal international fan base.

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Eskimo Callboy To Tour South Africa In October

Eskimo Callboy to tour South Africa in October

Witchdoctor Productions is proud to announce that it will host Eskimo Callboy for two show in in October 2016. A band of multiple genres and with a wide, diverse set of songs. They will be supported by Reverse The Sands for both shows. Cape Town and Johannesburg are you ready for a party !
In Cape Town  A Price On A Kings Head will be the opening act and in Johannesburg we have Riddlebreak as the opening band. Early birds are on sale NOW, get yours to avoid disappointment. Tickets will be on-sale via Quicket : CLICK HERE

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Witchdoctor Productions Joins The Quicket Family

Witchdoctor Productions joins the Quicket family

We are happy to announce we are now fully integrated and set up with Quicket as our new ticket supplier. After running our own tickets for the last two years, it has become clear we needed to go a new and more professional route. Our staff were spending more time working on tickets than the actual shows themselves, also entry into the events has always been”painful” for us and for fans at times. We have listened to all the mails and feedback from everyone, we are sure the new system that is in place will more than meet your needs. The Door scanning system they have on offer will speed up Entry into all our shows.

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Cape Town – Darkest Hour Date & Venue Change – URGENT !

Cape Town – Darkest Hour Date & Venue Change – URGENT !

With a recent incident at The Mercury Live (Click Read More) and the need for an increased capacity, we have had to do the following. Cape Town – Your new venue is THE ASSEMBLY . The date is now the 20/12/2015 (A Sunday, its holidays).
If you read on, we had no choice, apart from cancel or shift the date. We apologize to anyone who cant now make it or who are inconvenienced by the shift. Lets Rock n Roll.

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DARKEST HOUR to tour SA in 2015

Witchdoctor Productions is proud to announce that DARKEST HOUR hour will bring their 20th Anniversary sett o South Africa. The band will be playing the album “Undoing Ruin” in its entirety, along with songs from their back catalog spanning 20 years.. Special guest support band for both shows will be THE DRIFT.
Tickets are available in the SHOP located HERE: right NOW and via (by Friday 30/10/2015)

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