ING Confirmed For Witchfest 2015

ingWitchdoctor Productions is proud to announce that ING will be performing at Witchfest 2015. Having formed in 1999 (same as us 🙂 ) we can truly say that they are the real deal, you just don’t get more metal, more thrash than ING. Fuck..ING Fact

ING was started as far back as 1999 by a couple of friends in Durban, South Africa. The original members were Henk on guitar, Bryan (ex Insurrection) on guitar and vocals, Jason (ex Termun-est) on bass and Jamie (ex Termun-est) on drums. They tortured the eardrums in Durban for a year before Bryan left for Cape Town and Jason for Australia. The band laid dormant until 2005 when Henk and Bryan were reunited, this time in Cape Town. In early 2006, Paul joined Henk as a guitarist and Bryan moved to bass. Without the assistance of a drummer, they started to write music. The concept was simple, write about anything, be sarcastic and don’t discriminate in hate. They played Whiplash 2006 Festival organised by Subterania Music.

In 2008 they released their first EP “It’s a hate thing” which featured “Baghdad Bomb Bonanza”, “Hate Love War” and “F**k China” still big favourites with fans. The band decided to give these EP’s away for free and made it available for free download. After the release of the EP, they got invited to play Metal4Africa’s Winterfest 2008. During this period finding a stable drummer was becoming a challenge having such legends (RIP) as Davey (ex Pothole/Hogs) and Francois (ex Sacraphyx) passing through. They eventually settled with Tambe until after Witchfest featuring Carcass in 2008 at which time he decided to leave to travel.

In 2009 they went back into studio to record their 1st full length album “It’s a sick thing”, at which time Paul decided to leave and James was recruited temporarily to take over on lead guitar. Taking a break to play the Whiplash Festival in 2009, this album was released in 2010. The theme of the album was controversial as always, and the band once again decided to give their music away for free. Soon after this release, …ING finally found a stable drummer, blast beat genius Marius (ex Azrail). As a solid outfit, they were invited to play the annual Whiplash Festival in 2010.

With the local political atmosphere heating up on because of an arrogant individual called Julius Malema, the band decided that it was time to focus on local content. They wrote and recorded the song “Julius” in a week, and released the single for free download. It became an instant hit and ended up being ringtones on many cellphones. They co-headlined Metal4Africa’s Winterfest in 2011 where they received a great, violent crowd response. They then started writing material for their 2nd full length album”, taking breaks to play Obzfest 2011 and Rock the River New Year’s Festival 2011/2012. During the writing of this album, they decided to move back to their original format with Bryan joining Henk on guitars, and the addition of a new bassist Darren (ex 3 Chord Theory).

…ING is looking forward to the release of their 2nd full length album “Ingquisition” in October 2012, which features material with a South African focus.

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