Johannesburg Venue Update

Please note the Johannesburg festival has moved to the old BASSLINE venue, now called “The Groove Live” located at the Old Bassline building
– ALL tickets are still valid and you do not need to exchange them.
We tried to use a new venue when the original Bassline closed, however the moving process has not been easy or smooth for us. There were too many additional and hidden cost associated with moving forward as an outdoor event. While we may be a big festival by metal standards, we are nothing compared to rock and mainstream events. Our crowd is limited and being a 100% self funded event, it got to the point where we would have to sacrifice show quality in order to just to keep it an outdoor event.

Personally we are really excited to be back at the Old Bassline Building, having outdoor stalls and fenced off food vendor area is going to bring back memories of the 2015 mega event.
Newtown, The Groove Live (ex Bassline) the whole venue and area has just been home for us and for Metal in Gauteng. Apart from being 100% central for everyone with access to public transport, We can now also run a little later than before. Another perk is during Easter there is almost NO traffic to deal with.

In the end the show must and will go on, we are excited for the change and the quality of show we know we can deliver at The Groove Live.
We also just want to say a massive thank you to Spencer and the Sundowners crew for accommodating us and being understanding in our return home \m/

If this move creates problems or issues for you, please pop us an email on info@witchdoctorproductions.com

Due to the move we are able to reduce the price of the Party bus from Pretoria to R200pp as opposed to R250
The High Five Party Bus from Aandklas Hatfield to Witchfest 2017 Johannesburg have still got space.
R200 gets you from Pretoria to Witchfest and Back to Pretoria.
Why to do this: With High 5, no queue when reaching Witchfest, straight to the action!
Complimentary shooters on the bus and most important of all, you don’t have to drive!
No worries about roadblocks, parking or having to suffer through the journey there!
Just sit back, have your pre-drinks and get psyched with fellow metal heads!!
Andre: 083 391 8475 (Bookings)

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