Junkyard Lipstick Confirmed For Witchfest 2015

jlWitchdoctor Productions is proud to announce that Junkyard Lipstick will be performing at Witchfest 2015. They play their own brand of Old School Thrash Metal. A band to put on your “Must See List”

Junkyard Lipstick was born in Cape Town early 2011 inspired by watching The Runaways and a ‘why the hell not’ attitude. They have been playing the local club circuit ever since.

Persisting through line-up changes in early 2012, they finally found their own unique style and changed their focus to writing heavier and faster material, concentrating on topics such as politics, social issues and gore delivered with a feminine touch. Their sound includes various subgenres of the alternative music spectrum but mostly in the thrash/power metal arena.

The band released a few singles during their journey and in March 2013 released their debut album “Hellbent”. With the release of their debut album, the singles “Barbie”, “Hellbent” and “War” were played on various online/FM radio stations both locally and abroad:

They also unveiled a previously unreleased single “Bioterror” for free download in July 2013:

Their latest release, a 6 song EP entitled “The Butcher’s Delight” which was released in March 2014:

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