Kataklysm to record SA Shows for LIVE Album

Kataklysm SA Tour 2014Kataklysm will be recording a live album for the bands first appearance ever in South Africa this summer as well of behind the scene footage , the recording will be included as bonus CD on the bands next studio album ( hint .. yes, new album in 2015 !) Get your tickets now Kataklysm TICKETS – GET EM NOW – PRICES GO UP at the end of MAY….

KATAKLYSM TICKET SALES: Buy your tickets online NOW from www.plankton.mobi .

We have posted links to the individual tickets for each event.


Cape Town: https://plankton.mobi/Plankton/tickets/events/eventdetails/854e984b-4ba8-e311-a71b-0025907b01d0


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