MANTAR To Play Witchfest 2017

MANTAR to play Witchfest 2017

Witchdoctor Productions is proud to announce German / Turkish Two piece MANTAR will play both Witchfest Open Air 2017 Johannesburg and Cape Town. Formed in 2013, Mantar is set to take the rock death black punk doom metal world by storm. If you dont know them, read on, watch the videos and prepare for a sonic onslaught unlike anything ever witnessed at Witchfest Open Air .

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Eskimo Callboy Are On Their Way To PARTY !

Eskimo Callboy are on their way to PARTY !

Their sound mixes a lot of danceable riffs into a catchy brew, that is garnished with mean breakdowns and deep shouts. From one second to the other the listener is catapulted from the glossy disco dance floor into a sweaty moshpit and a few moments later he finds himself in a nightclub where he gets another shot at the bar. We Are The Mess!

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