SacriFist Confirmed for Witchfest 2015

sacrifistWitchdoctor Productions is proud to announce that SacriFist will be playing at Witchfest 2015. A band who needs very little introduction and has a track record that speaks for itself. Prepare for the SacriFist “Plague”

SacriFist is a five-piece band from Johannesburg in South Africa who have been active in the metal scene since 1993, and have created their own brand of Melodic Death Metal. Over the years the band has seen lineup changes with some members leaving to follow their own paths and others returning with new ideas and skills, but the present line up of Sammy, Tommie, Dwayne, Shaun and Michael has taken the band to new creative levels.

The band has 4 full albums in their discography, the most recent released in 2009 (Surrealistic Plague). They hope that YOU the fan, will enjoy future installments of their music as much as they enjoy making it!

Their powerful melodic death metal has kept their original fans loyal for many years and is constantly gathering an increasing number of new fans. Their songs online have had over a thousand downloads.
They are self distributed, and their albums “The Well of Sacrifice” and the newer released “Surrealist Plague” can be bought online.

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