Cattle Decapitation Live In SA

Cattle Decapitation Live in SA

The mighty Cattle Decapitation are set to play one show in Johannesburg on the 24th February 2018. Their latest release “The Anthropocene Extinction” and subsequent tour are finally making its way to African shores. They will play at the Newtown Music Factory and support bands Insidious Reign and Bleeding Spawn will be there to represent our local scene. Early bird tickets are available via our website HERE 

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Cattle Decapitation Joins WITCHFEST 2016

Cattle Decapitation joins WITCHFEST 2016

Witchdoctor Productions is extremely proud to announce that CATTLE DECAPITATION will be joining us at WITCHFEST 2016. You don’t name your band Cattle Decapitation if you’re looking to subtly insinuate your way into the consciousness of the masses. Equally, unleashing some of the most intense, horrifying, and extreme metal known to mankind will not ingratiate you with those of a sensitive nature, for the San Diegan’s boundary-pushing music is designed to turn heads and snap necks, and not necessarily in that order.

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