True Believers – Helping Fans Get Tickets

WDP 2014Eligible card holders of the True Believers membership club will have automatic entry to the Kataklysm shows in both Cape Town and Johannesburg.
If you are a card holder and wish to have your card activated to attend, you can contact immediately to do so.  The cost of entry for members will be R315 and via their membership, and they have the option of splitting the amount over three months (R105 x 3) in addition to their usual membership subscription.

“We have to admit that membership is neither a free nor cheap service, but by engaging in projects like this we are hoping to enable active South African metal heads to not only contribute financially to our community-orientated efforts at metal4africa, but also to ease the monthly burden of expenses for the exciting nightlife opportunities which have been hitting our shores as of late.” ~ Patrick Davidson (club administrator).

Fees collected from membership subscription goes directly towards: increasing development and activity at the news website,, which has seen a huge spike of activity since the club was established in late 2012, and; the financing of tickets for members who cannot afford the costs outright.

“We have financed almost forty tickets for members attending RAMfest this year, up from only fifteen in 2013, plus another thirty for Lamb Of God.  So far, we’re also up to twenty tickets for the Kataklysm shows.  What this means is that we procure tickets on behalf of members who might be hard pressed to pay the lump sum of expense in one single payment, and split the cost to members over a period at zero interest.  This means that even though their ticket might not be paid in full right now, we have already secured it!” ~ Patrick Davidson

If you are interested to find out more about True Believer membership, contact or visit the Facebook page:

Also follow the website at for news on South African and continental metal activity.

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