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Wargrave and The Fallen Prophets added to WITCHFEST 2016

Adding to the local onslaught, Cape Town’s Wargrave and The Fallen Prophets will be Joining us at WITCHFEST 2016. Both bands bring a different style to the festival and will no doubt deliver the performance of a life time.

Check out WARGRAVE: Formed in the depths of the Cape Town underground, Wargrave made it’s presence known in mid 2011. While the roots of the band lie deep in 80’s thrash metal, Wargrave draws inspiration from an extremely diverse spectrum, infusing the classic archetypal sound with undertones drawn from modern progressive and technical death metal. The result is a sonic apocalypse, a display of speed and technical proficiency whilst maintaining a strong sense of melody.


Check Out THE FALLEN PROPHETS: The Fallen Prophets is a 4-Piece Brutal Death Metal Band that was founded in 2011 and joined the local Metal scene early 2014. They bring a mix of shredding groovy guitars, potent and powerful vocals and fast paced enduring death metal drumming. Over the past few years, The Fallen Prophet members have gone through a lot of pain and struggle which they bring into their music. The raw hatred and anger can be felt when they dominate the stage and they are not ready to back down!

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