Greg Lumley

WDP Withdraws from WC

So after much agonizing and attempts to make it happen, we regret to inform you Cape Town, that we will be withdrawing the Cattle Decapitation show. This has nothing to do with the band, we (WDP) as a company have made this call based on previous event stats and the current indicated stats.

We just cannot afford another loss in WC for an event, The recent losses suffered with WF 2017 in the Cape and past shows makes it that much harder to keep pushing forward in WC.
Those who want to swap tickets for Johannesburg – please email
Those who want a refund, please email ticket numbers / order number with bank details to

Those who were able to get on board and try help make this happen we appreciate your efforts.

Its not easy for fans to raise money for these types of shows in a niche market, just like it is not easy for a promoter to stage such events.

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