When you need support, who you gonna call

In order to improve turn around time on queries we have launched a Support Ticket system for our customers.  You can access it here: https://www.witchdoctorproductions.com/support-system/

Alternatively you can just email support@witchdoctorproductions.com and a Ticket will be generated and link sent to you. Please note any and all requests should be directed here first as you will receive the fastest reply. Sending to any other email address will not guarantee a reply within 48hrs.

Please make use of the system as it is there to make things easier for you the customer and allow you to have a record of your queries.

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  1. Hey guys, just want to enquire about the weekend pass ticket(without camping + parking space), is it R1250 per car for eg. 3 persons in car, or is it R1250 for car only and then each person should buy own seperate ticket?

    1. It’s NOT R1250 per car, its R1250 per person. You can each come in your own car or share a car its irrelevant. But its R1250 per person for a FESTIVAL ticket. NOt for a car.

      1. Ok thanks..and how much for a day pass and what’s the line-up for the bands? What day and whose performing on each day?

  2. Hi there,
    With regarding the Behemoth concert, is Carfax near Newtown? According to the map, Gwigwi Mwrebi is near Newtown. There’s a confusion on the location as I searched because it is also resulted that it is located in Midrand. I would like confirmation because I need accommodation and I’m not from Joburg.


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