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Witchdoctor Productions joins the Quicket family

We are happy to announce we are now fully integrated and set up with Quicket as our new ticket supplier. After running our own tickets for the last two years, it has become clear we needed to go a new and more professional route. Our staff were spending more time working on tickets than the actual shows themselves, also entry into the events has always been”painful” for us and for fans at times. We have listened to all the mails and feedback from everyone, we are sure the new system that is in place will more than meet your needs. The Door scanning system they have on offer will speed up Entry into all our shows.

This Quicket move also opens up a HOST of new possibilities and ways for us to improve your ticketing experience. Too many for just this one news blog we putting out today. Each week we will post some Quicket news, that helps you understand the system and utilize it to your advantage. Quicket will now also hold all our fans funds until after the shows. Witchdoctor Productions will no longer process concert tickets via the webstore.

ANYONE who is getting refunds for Witchfest, or past shows, please email info@witchdoctorproductions.com or go here and create a ticket: https://www.witchdoctorproductions.com/ostic/

PLEASE NOTE: if you have any tickets from Computicket, please get your refunds asap from them direct.

If you have a ticket on Witchdoctor Productions, we will contact you directly and send you a new Quicket ticket via email. Your Witchdoctor ticket will NOT be cancelled until we see you have activated and downloaded your new  Quicket ticket. All sales are safe and protected. Do not panic. By Friday 12th Feb you should have it in your inbox.

If you have a ticket on Quicket, here is their support link:

As always if you are NOT happy with their support or they cannot assist, please email info@witchdoctorproductions.com or go here and create a ticket: https://www.witchdoctorproductions.com/ostic/

Thank you for your ongoing support and we really hope this big change will make a huge difference to your future shows and the entire live music experience.

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