Witchfest – 14 years of metal madness

End of the line . . .

What a weekend, holy shit. Not sure where to start, so i may as well start somewhere. It makes us proud to end the #WITCHFEST story with the amazing 2017 Festival edition in Johannesburg & Cape Town, the bands, the fans and atmosphere were electric. Thank you to every single person who came out to Witchfest 2017 and every other Witchfest over the last 14 years for that matter.

There are so many people to thank for making something like Witchfest possible, seamless, safe and enjoyable for us all.
If I forget a name, I apologize in advance.
Gabrielle Pieterse – always willing to take on a new challenges and join me on the quest to pry open the gates of metal hell!  Wayne Pieterse for all the help, being there in the good and bad times. Ryan Moors – Thanks \m/ Duncan Allers my right hand man and JHB eyes and ears, Stephen Spinas for always delivering the best original artwork and concepts. Dieter Hartzenberg for making sure our websites don’t implode after I fiddle with things, David Devo Oosthuizen & Wayne Kruger who are always up for shooting the shows. Warren Gibson at Plug Music Agency for picking up the rocks people live under and making sure they know about the shows.All the other photographers, press and media who cover the shows, blog and share it.

Theo Rood, Mike Chucky Jones of MJ Event Gear, Lindsay Barton and the Golden Circle Events crew, including the legendary Jethro Harris. David Callaghan for JHB amps and stuff , Martin Schofield #420
Kholofelo Cyril Sewela and the crew at The Groove Live. Jack, Jamie and Brandon from The Shred
Estian Els and SA Backline, Thunderbird Backline , Laney Amplification South Africa, Wolmer Varkies for the backline in JHB, Mapex Drums South Africa for the kits in Johannesburg and Cape town, De Wet Loots for assisting to get backline. Kyle Puller, Nathan LeRoy McClure from Build Your Scene, can’t thank you two enough for helping.
Nady Wentzell, Michelle Lycett, Liz Seston & Brian Seston, Roxanne Isaacson, Aimee D’onofrio, Chris Pheiffer, Glyn Atkinson
Peter Metalcore Manion, Vaughn Clark, Anthea Brock, Nicole (m4a), Mariska, Sonia.
Wrath Inc. for the merch Gazebo. Patrick Davidson and the True Believers
Spencer Coyb Martin from Sundowners, for all they did and being cool with the move of the venues. Johann Freyer and the rest of the people involved in handing out fliers and spreading the word about the event for us.
David Webber for all the hooks in tight spots \m/

Wayne and the Meatflys team for coming on board.
Nic Ruhoff and his camera crew for the hours of filming, after show editing they do to bring us the YouTube videos.

Tommy Van Staden at TVS Graphics for the amazing T shirts and Free stickers. By far the best final product we have been supplied with.

Paul Jeffreys you know what you did, you legend, thank you. \m/

Duncan Letts from Duncan Letts Tattoos for all the support for WF and the great work 🙂

LOCAL BANDS: you guys were amazing; your shows were perfection. We ran on time and showed everyone the SA bands are on above par. Could not have asked to work with a better group of artists.
It was an honor.
Demogoroth Satanum | Insidious Reign | Wrust | Bleeding Spawn | Vulvodynia | Boargazm | SacriFist | Theatre Runs Red | Zombies ate my girlfriend | Peasant | DevilSpeak | Imperial Destruction | Infanteria | Megalodon

Our international acts: DevilDriver | MANTAR and One For Sorrow ,thank you for joining us and making this the experience we needed!

Once again, I want to thank EVERYONE who has ever supported the festival and its many variations over the years, you are METAL !

I can only put 50 tags in a post so i could not tag all bands and peoples names.

Pic used is by Christelle Duvenage Photography

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