Witchfest 2015 – Book Update

The notorious Witchfest 2015 Book – We can confirm that we finally have a proof ready for print that meets all the standards set by our printers. This has been a long and crazy journey putting together this project. We regret the delays and cannot wait for you to see the final product.


This was a big learning curve for all of us here, being our first ever printed book, we have gone above and beyond to make sure it is what we promised it.
We have a final meeting this week with our art dept and the printer (12 – 16 Sept 2016). We will sign off the final proofs and they will start to print it, we will finally have a release date for everyone by Friday.

Our best guess is late Sept, early October 2016 before they ship.
We tried real hard to make sure every photographer was represented and that everyone involved got some input.

Huge thanks to Stephen Spinas and David Oosthuizen for all the hours of hard work and litres of coffee needed to get us to the finish line.


This weekend we will also load a few more sections of the book in PREVIEW mode to help you get a feel for it. Thanks to everyone who helped out with last minute content and information when some of our stuff pixelated at the print stage.




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