Witchfest 2015 – Lets Get it Started \M/

WDP 2014The hour has almost come, the time to start putting out some band names for the 2015 Witchfest Festival South Africa is close.
Over the years the festival has seen many changes and many formats, 2015 is a new era for the WITCHFEST FESTIVAL and the way it will be hosted.Moving inland and to a new permanent home and date 2 – 6 April 2015 (Easter Weekend). Details on the NEW venue will be made available with ticket sales info.

After much discussion and planning, we have scheduled more than 3 international acts for the 2015 event, the first band to be announced will be at 8pm on 16/05/2014. This first international we are announcing is for a very specific market, a market that has been neglected and not represented properly in South Africa. BLACK METAL.

With the BEHEMOTH shows and the 8pm Announcement tonight, we hope to rectify this!

See you at 8pm…

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