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Witchfest 2016 Tickets On Sale

Witchfest 2016 is on its way, massive thanks to all of  you for the support this year, it was truly amazing to see so many of us in one place \m/
As you may recall we had a lot of Drama with the festival in 2015, so in order to assure we have a easy 2016, Bassline has been retained as a the venue. We noticed in 2015 the day tickets were over priced at R980 per day, and the 3 day well under priced at R1400. We have done our best to address the issues this year and try bring prices down. Camping also played a major factor in the ticket price changes.  This year we did it a little different and priced it as it needs to be, with NO sponsors. Camping was split off separate to reduce the day ticket costs for fans.

With much reworking , we have managed to get the Single day tickets down from R980 per day to R790, So those wanting a Friday / Saturday / Sunday ticket, those will only be R790.
A 3 Day Ticket
is R1990 which is a killer R666 a day. Pretty decent saving from the 2015 ticket prices of R980 per day. However to make this saving the camping has been split off into a separate entity of its own. 
There are only 550 camping spots and they are R990 per person. In order to improve and proved the correct camping facilities, and have the necessary lighting, safety and security for the area, it had to split off and charged for separately. With just over 20 Hot showers, 20 Flush toilets being added along with a 24/7 cleaning staff and service agreement.

The camping area is also going to be expanded, it will include morning and evening activities, along with a BEER tent and chill out area,Metal Karaoke , Movies and many other specials just for campers. With a full year and the correct venue, we can make sure the overall set up is improved and worth it. A new improved fencing layout, better security set up and more lighting are only some of the upgrades.

CAMPING ADD ON: R990 – Click Here




3 DAY TICKETS: R1990Click Here

If you want to use a credit card, just email us your order number once you have made your purchase, we will hold your order until our CC processor is running this week.

If you want to pay via PAYPAL please use info@witchdoctorproductions.com and your Order ID as the reference, Please make sure you tick to COVER THE COSTS on your side, or the amount that comes through will be short.

If you need to pay off the tickets, just email us your order number once you have made your purchase, include the type of payments you can make, we will do our best to accommodate.

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