Africa’s Biggest Metal Festival 2003 – 2017


Witchfest is unlike anything that has ever been experienced in South Africa. Within this HISTORY section, I will update and expand on each of the past editions with as much details as I can recall. I will add photos and stories along with all the info we still have on record. Most of the older editions of the festival were well before cell phones or at least before they were commonplace. Also, Cameras on phones were not really a thing either.

This may take some time to complete, but it will get done. \M/

Thanks to all you who have supported the event and helped build it into something we can all be proud of.
Without all of your support, it would not be what it is today, AFRICA’S BIGGEST METAL FESTIVAL.

While the festival may currently be on hold, i will Endeavor to find a sponsor / investor to bring it back at some point.

You guys rule.






Shaughn Pieterse
Witchdoctor Productions (PTY) Ltd



If you have any pictures or stories, mail them to